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22 Years Logo22 years ago we recognized that the environment was in distress resulting from wide-ranging sources of pollution and through intensive research and development we responded with a line of unique products and processes.

Finally, increasing concern for our environment has made its way to the forefront of the public psyche and as we become increasingly aware of the damage sustained to our natural world whether in the pursuit of pleasure or commerce, we look for more aggressive measures to clean up and restore nature back to health.

Clean MarinaTraditional methods routinely involved containment of oil spills; the clean-up comprising of transporting and storage of toxins in containment facilities, burial in drums or abandoned UST’S (underground storage tanks).
Regrettably, this is not a permanent solution as it merely becomes someone else’s problem. Corroded storage tanks have leaked into the water table and have caused great damage to the environment and the general population exposed to it decades later.

We at The Enviromonde Network (TEN) do not subscribe to the “out of sight – out of mind” philosophy. Our safe, biodegradable products neutralize hydrocarbon contamination rendering it harmless to the point of restoring even a fragile ecosystem. Ours is a permanent solution, the original and only one of its kind dedicated to the remediation of contaminated water and lands.

Unique Process; an Environmentally Sound Solution

Our unique brand of marine products was derived from a vast experience of remediation, technology, and projects involving hydrocarbon contamination on water, in the water table, in soil, on hard and soft surfaces and under permanent structures.

Readily biodegradable, these unique products and processes either break down the hydrocarbon contaminates or form solidified inert compounds with hydrocarbon-based substances that result in minimal impact on the environment.

The biotech solutions used in the remediation of contaminated lands are a combination of the EnviroMonde Spilltech’s exceptional products and proprietary processes that stimulate and increase the indigenous aerobic and anaerobic micro organisms to form part of the process.


>> On water:
Even daily use of pleasure craft will incur leaks during filling and bilging. And accidents do happen. When prevention is not enough we need to be more aggressive.

Economical and easy to use, any responsible adult can use Spilltech’s products and be an active participant in ensuring that the water remains clean and safe.

Whether it is a small spill in a marina or a large scale catastrophe involving an oil tanker at sea, our unique Spilltech’s products control it safely and efficiently without harm to persons involved in handling the product or to indigenous life.Image


With safety being a prime concern, gas spills and fuel leaks that occur at marinas, are instantly neutralized. This prevents fire risks thereby reducing the volatile explosive limit (ignition threat) from 100% to 0% upon contact, unlike other available products and processes that merely contain the damage.

>> On land:
Because these products accelerate nature’s own process of working with anaerobic micro organisms; breaking down hydrocarbons into carbon and other harmless by-products, thereby neutralizing the contaminant, the soil remediation takes place on site without requiring the soil being disturbed or oxygenated. This eliminates the need for the use of costly excavation equipment which may put structures at risk, and the further cost of transferring the contaminant to another medium for disposal. Furthermore, our environmentally friendly process allows the once contaminated zone to regenerate and restore growth.

Non-toxic and biodegradable, Spilltech's products require no special handling, can be transported without restrictions unlike traditional products which are corrosive (indeed, Spilltech's products have played a significant role in neutralizing hydrocarbon based toxic spills at train derailments!), and do not put anyone at risk in their use and handling.

The influence of the EnviroFormulae employed in shoreline remediation (especially where tidal currents exist) have proven to be an effective strategy and practice in cleaning up residual oily water slicks that contaminate beaches and shorelines.